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11th International Conference on Dryland Development in Beijing, China

July 6, 2012

The 11th International Conference on Dryland Development will be held on 18-23 March 2013 in Beijing, China. With the theme "Global Climate Change and its Impact on Food & Energy Security in the Drylands", the conference will focus on identifying adaptation and mitigation strategies using traditional knowledge as well as modern science and technology for different dryland ecologies.

Subjects to be addressed include the following:

  1. Food and energy security in drylands–challenges triggered by global changes
  2. Role of dryland agriculture in mitigating strategies for climate change
  3. Global climate change and its impact on different dryland ecosystems
  4. Sustainable use of water resources in dry areas
  5. Sustainable land use and management in dry areas
  6. Sustainable range management under global climate change
  7. Application of new technologies for the improvement of stress (drought, heat, cold and salinity resistance) in dry areas
  8. Arid lands communities, their indigenous knowledge and heritage, and socio-economic studies
  9. Rio+20. The way forward "Role of government, non-governmental organizations and private sectors.
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