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Over-expression of CYCD2;1 Improves Banana Root Growth

June 8, 2012

Previous studies have shown that the over-expression of Arabidopsis CyclinD2;1 improved the growth of tobacco and rice but not in Arabidopsis. To search for more species that could be improved by over-expression of CyclinD2;1, David Talengera from the National Agricultural Research Laboratories in Uganda and other scientists conducted a study. They isolated CyclinD2;1 from an East African highland banana cultivar called Nakasabira and designated it as Musac;CYCD2;1.

The amino acid sequence of Musac;CYCD2;1 showed more of less 50% similar with the identity of CYCD2;1 sequences of Arabidopsis, rice, maize and wheat. When they over-expressed Musac;CYCD2;1 in cultivar ‘Sukali ndizi', the transformed plants showed no changes in the above-ground parts but the main roots and the lateral roots showed significant increase in length. Furthermore, a deeper root system was exhibited by one transgenic line compared with the control.

There results could be used to enhance the root growth in bananas. Read the complete article at