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One Sample Testing Program Receives USDA-RMA Continuation Approval

June 8, 2012

Aflatoxin produced by the fungus Aspergillus flavus has been a huge problem in the livestock industry. It causes liver cirrhosis, cancer, and is lethal to animals and humans. Monitoring its content in the corn feeds to contain acceptable levels of 200-300 parts per billion for finishing beef cattle feed and 20 parts per billion for dairy cattle feed has been a standard procedure in Texas.

The One Sample Strategy developed by Texas AgriLife Research facilitates the aflatoxin testing procedure. The US Department of Agriculture-Risk Management Agency has extended approval of the program for 2012 and succeeding crop years, and made it the standard in aflatoxin test in the Texas grain industry. Testing accuracy is maintained through monitoring and program oversight by state chemist field investigators.

To find a participating elevator in your area or learn more about becoming approved for the program, visit the One Sample Strategy Web site at To view the original article, check out