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Nobel Awardee Expresses Views on GM

June 8, 2012

British Biologist and Nobel Prize laureate Richard Roberts expressed his views about genetic modification, synthetic biology, and stem cell research during the Astana Economic Forum held in Astana, Kazakhstan, on May 22-24, 2012. The nobelist said that the European opposition to genetically modified organisms is a political issue.

"On a political level, governments must embrace genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and not give way to European prophets of doom, who oppose the use of GMOs for purely political reasons," said Roberts. "It is important to note there is a complete absence of evidence that GMOs can cause any harm. Indeed to any well-informed scientist, traditionally bred plants seem much more likely to be harmful than GMOs."

He also said that our increasing knowledge of the human genome will lead to improved medical treatments and diagnostics and that stem cell research will help us ensure that the quality of life does not diminish as we age.

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