Biotech Updates

Ghana Farmers Urged to Adopt GM Crops to Increase Yields

April 4, 2012

Prof. Josephine Nketsia-Tabiri, director of Ghana's Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute (BNARI) called on Ghana's farmers to adopt genetically modified crops to increase their yields. She said that the challenges facing Ghanaian farmers today such as weeds, pest and diseases, spoilage, inadequate irrigation and lack of mechanization can be addressed through the effective application of biotechnology.

Professor Nketsia-Tabiri made the call to Ghanaian farmers during a session meeting of the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) held in Accra. More than 100 farmers across Ghana attended the OFAB meeting where they were briefed on biotechnology and biosafety law. The Professor further encouraged the farmers to embrace biotechnology since Ghana has passed the law allowing the application of biotechnology in food crop production.

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