Biotech Updates

Spelman: GM Rice as Tool for Food Security

February 24, 2012

United Kingdom Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman stated that drought may be a new norm for UK, during the annual conference of the National Union of Farmers (NFU) held last February 21, 2012 in Birmingham City, England. Thus, she said that UK must find more ways to make plants resistant to drought, citing an Australian project working on GM rice as an example.

"This technology, if used responsibly, may be one of the tools in terms of food security that we need going forward," she said. "It could be one of the tools in the tool kit to help us with food security. The key thing is to keep investing in the science base."

NFU president, Peter Kendall, also said that it was "desperately worrying" that GM crops are not being developed in Europe at the same rate as China and US, and already, other countries are progressing.

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