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Call for Nominations to Agriculture Award to Honor Young Field Researchers

February 24, 2012

A new annual award to be given by the World Food Price Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation is targeted to honor young field researchers emulating Dr. Norman Borlaug. The Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Applications is endowed by the Rockefeller Foundation which carries a $10,000 cash prize. The award will be a recognition of young individuals under the age of 40 who are working closely and directly in the field of production or processing level with farmers, animal herders, fishers or others in rural communities, in any discipline or enterprise across the entire food production, processing and distribution chain.

"It is the spirit of innovation that defined Dr. Borlaug's work and a commitment to leveraging those innovations that aided the poor and vulnerable on a global scale; that has also animated the work of the Rockefeller Foundation for nearly 100 years," said Dr. Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation. "This new award will focus attention on those young scientists engaged in field research and application of the type Norm Borlaug and his Rockefeller colleagues pioneered when they were early in their careers working in Mexico, Colombia and India, and other countries in the developing world."

Nominations for the Norman Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application, endowed by the Rockefeller Foundation, are invited now through June 30, 2012.  See announcement at