Biotech Updates

European Leaders Say Europe Needs Biotech

February 10, 2012

Europe needs new technologies to respond to food production issues. "Until Europe unlocks the potential of new technologies farmers will be unable to play their part in meeting the challenges facing food production," said Dr. Julian Little, Chair of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council.

Dr Andrea Graham from the National Farmers Union (NFU) added: "Unfortunately, UK farmers continue to be denied the choice of being able to access certain types of biotechnology which are now common place outside Europe. This impacts on their competitiveness in the global market whilst also preventing us from having the opportunity to explore the potential environmental benefits and other positive traits this technology can offer. We urgently need a science-based decision-making process on biotech crops in Europe to allow UK farmers to have access to this technology as part of their toolbox in meeting the challenges of the present and the future."

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