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Policy Actions Recommended to Tackle Food Security in Arab World

February 10, 2012

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) report "Beyond the Arab Awakening: Policies and Investments for Poverty Reduction and Food Security" shows that food security remains a serious challenge. The Arab region is confronted by its dependency on food imports, rising food demand, and limited potential for agricultural growth.

"As food security was one of the triggers of the Arab Awakening, finding policy responses to food insecurity is particularly important for policymakers in Arab countries," said Clemens Breisinger, IFPRI research fellow and lead author of the report. "Given the high levels of growing dissatisfaction of people in the region, urgent actions should be taken."

The report offers three key policy recommendations: 1) improve data and capacity for evidence-based decision making, 2) foster growth that enhances food security, and 3) revisit the allocation and efficiency of public spending.

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