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WEF Leaders See Need to View Agriculture as a Holistic System

February 10, 2012

Global leaders during the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland realized that agriculture must be seen in a more holistic perspective, alongside other issues such as nutrition, health, natural resources, energy, and climate change.

International Food Policy Research Institute Director General Shenggen Fan who attended the meeting also noted the need for the following concrete actions:

  • Continue strengthening an integrated approach to agriculture that takes account of smallholder farming, nutrition and health, climate change, and natural resources.
  • Base the price of natural resources on their full market value by including their social and environmental costs, such as impacts on climate change and health. 
  • Set up a global system to measure, track, and monitor the cross-sectoral impacts among agriculture, food and nutrition security, energy, and natural resources. 
  • Improve skills and knowledge at the country and local level through capacity building efforts.

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