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"Climate-smart" Agriculture for Africa

September 15, 2011

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and African leaders are working together to establish "climate-smart" approaches in agriculture to combat the harmful effects of climate change and increasing scarcity of natural resources.

"Africa needs increased productivity in its agriculture and higher incomes in its rural areas, and rural communities and the agro-ecosystems on which they depend have to adapt to climate change and become more resilient to its impacts," Alexander Mueller, FAO's Assistant-Director General for Natural Resources, said in remarks at the conference "Climate Smart Agriculture: Africa - A Call to Action," convened by the Government of South Africa last September 13-14, 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

"FAO together with its partners has developed the concept of 'Climate-smart agriculture,' which offers a way to deal with these multiple challenges in a coherent and integrated way", he added.

Climate-smart agriculture aims to achieve sustainable improved productivity and foster flexibility to environmental stresses, helping farmers adapt to climate change and also decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

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