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Multiple Strategies to Control Resistant Western Corn Rootworm

August 26, 2011

Mike Gray, a University of Illinois Extension entomologist and Aaron Gassman of Iowa State University have observed the occurrence of resistant western corn rootworm against the Bt protein Cry3Bb1 among the hybrid corn plants in northwestern Illinois and northeastern Iowa corn farms. Significant root damage have occurred in the corn farms which could affect the upcoming yield.

Gray cautioned farmers in the use of corn hybrids that offer corn rootworm protection in the light of these occurrences in their areas. For farmers who have encountered these problems, Gray offered the following alternatives for 2012: rotation with another non-host crops such as soybean;  application of corn rootworm soil insecticide at planting; planting of a Bt hybrid that expresses a different corn rootworm Cry protein than the poor performer used in 2011; use of a pyramided Bt hybrid that expresses multiple Cry proteins targeted against corn rootworms; and better still, a combination of these methods.

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