Biotech Updates

China's Key Scientist Promotes 3-line Hybrid Bt Cotton

August 26, 2011

Professor Sandui Guo, chief scientist of the Breeding and Cultivation of New GM Varieties Project (cotton sub-project) launched by China's Ministry of Agriculture, oriented seed companies on the field trial of GM three-line hybrid Bt cotton.

Guo used genetic engineering and heterosis to develop the three-line hybrid Bt cotton breeding system in 2005. Hybrid Bt cotton can outyield regular Bt cotton by at least 25%, and reduce cost by 50% because detasselling by hand is not required. By strengthening the hybrid Bt cotton breeding collaboration network within China, Guo is optimistic that the technology can contribute to increased planting and production by as much as 80%. Even with decreased planting area, Guo believes that the technology will still enable China to meet 70% of its cotton requirements.

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