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Biotechnology Education and Research Needed in Bangladesh

February 11, 2011

Universities in Bangladesh need to adopt a pro-biotech policy to expedite education, research and development activities to assure quality graduates and scientists. Vice Chancellor M. Afzal Hossain of the Haji Danesh Science and Technology University made this assertion during his inauguration of a seminar on "Biotechnology in Bangladesh: Participation of public and private enterprises" held on 23 January 2011. Around 150 comprised of teachers, private entrepreneurs, journalists, and research students attended the seminar.

The vice chancellor mentioned that the challenges ahead such as food security, a fast growing population, and  shrinking land in Bangladesh may be solved by introducing biotechnological interventions. He also said that Bangladesh will be most affected by climate change and will need crops with tolerance to submergence, salinity, drought, and temperature. 

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