Biotech Updates

Growers to Benefit from Next Generation Canola Variety Testing

February 11, 2011

A new variety testing program has been developed to serve the need of canola growers in Canada. The program hopes to provide growers with the correct information that will be the basis of seed selection. The information provided will be based on: systematic approach; trials based on commercially available varieties; trials consistent with actual growers practices; third party credibility; and economic analysis based on contribution margin.

There will be two components that will be used to generate the required data that includes small plot experiments that is meant to examine relative performance of commercial varieties, and audited field scale component based on field trials conducted by seed companies.

To over see the implementation of the program, a governance body that will be composed of growers, provincial specialists, the seed trade and the Canola Council of Canada, will be established to provide a mechanism for evaluating success and making improvements in the protocols. They will also be responsible in resolving details on data analysis and reporting.

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