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EC-JRC Publishes Summary Notification for the Field Trial of GM Sugarbeet in Germany

February 4, 2011

A notification for the deliberate release of H7-1 sugarbeet for use in field trials in Germany has been recently published by the EU Joint Research Center. Genetically modified sugarbeet event H7-1 contains the CP4 EPSPS protein and its expression in different tissues, effect on non-target organisms in the agricultural environment, other regulatory data and recommendations on the weed management during the growing season in comparison with conventional sugarbeet systems, will be studied.

The trial will be conducted in a 5000 square meter site per year at Nienburg/Saale (Saxony-Anhalt).

Environmental authorizations have been received in the USA and Canada in 2005 and in Japan in 2007 for H7-1 sugarbeet. Several countries have also conducted similar notification such as in Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Spain. Results of field testings and post-marketing experience showed no evidence that H7-1 is likely to cause any adverse effects to human or animal health and the environment.

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