Biotech Updates

Three Years More for GM Clover Release

January 14, 2011

The Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) started in 1998 the field trials of genetically modified (GM) white clover with resistance to alfalfa mosaic virus. According to DPI researcher German Spangenberg, the earliest possible release of the GM pasture could be three years from now. It still has to go through more trials, regulatory approval, and farm management and livestock performance work before it can be released in the market. It could take more than three years if more traits would be added to the GM crop such as prolonging the life of its leaves and increased phosphate uptake from soils.

Spangenberg also said that the next five years would be critical especially in educating farmers and the rest of the supply chain on GM pastures.

At present, GM soy and cottonseed meal are commercially available in Australia for dairy cattle feed.

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