Biotech Updates

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Receives $70M Grant

January 14, 2011

Danforth Foundation is giving its last grant of $70 million to Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to advance plant science research. This follows the announcement of the foundation in 2003 that "it would expend the majority of its remaining assets on the development of the plant and life sciences in the St. Louis area."

"It could not be more fitting that our final grant is being made to an institution whose mission is to improve nutrition and help feed the hungry," announced Danforth Foundation president John C. Danforth.

Dr. James C. Carrington, the next president of the Center said: "The grant will enable us to add critical expertise and new technologies to the Danforth Center, and then to train scientists how to solve some of the longstanding problems that limit agricultural productivity. We will focus on addressing some of the major unanswered problems in plant science, such as how genes interact with changing environments to control crop yield, growth and resistance to stress."