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Embrapa to Launch Potato Resistant to Late Blight

December 3, 2010

Embrapa, the Brazilian Research Corporation, will be launching its newly developed potato cultivar BRS Clara which has resistance to the late blight disease, a devastating disease not only in Brazil, but also in many parts of the world including the EU. The cultivar was developed by the Breeding Program of Embrapa Potato led by Arione Pereira. In addition to its late blight resistance, the new cultivar has a desirable tuber appearance and comparable yield with imported and locally developed potatoes.

To learn more about the cultivation and crop management of this potato, including the availability of seed, contact the Business Office of Embrapa Technology Transfer (Canoinhas / SC) at: Embrapa Technology Transfer Canoinhas EN-BR-280 , km 219, Bairro: Água Verde, Caixa Postal 317, CEP: 89460-000, Canoinhas, SC, or e-mail:

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