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IRRI Launches Rice Food Security Campaign

December 3, 2010

In line with its 50th anniversary, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) launched a fund-raising campaign called IRRI Foundation Hong Kong (IFHK), which aims to encourage and build local support for rice research from individuals, organizations, and companies from around Asia, especially in business centers in Hong Kong and Singapore.

"We're very excited by the support we are already getting for the campaign - from personal donations of $1,000 to larger gifts from big companies - and we look forward to working with the people of Hong Kong to help poor rice farmers in Asia," said IRRI Director General and IFHK Chair Dr. Robert Zeigler.

Dr. Zeigler  mentioned that investing in rice research is one of the most influential efforts to eradicate poverty in Asia. For the past four decades, rice production has increased in Asia through the development of new rice varieties. Together with the knowledge and expertise of scientists, investments are necessary to fight the threatening effects of climate change.

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