Biotech Updates

Monsanto and AgraQuest to Collaborate on Development of Biopesticide Seed Treatments

September 16, 2010

Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON) and AgraQuest, Inc. have entered into a three year collaboration to develop biopesticide seed treatment products to control nematodes, disease and insects, and embrace plant growth and yield. The agreement entails the use of AgraQuest's collection of microbes to help Monsanto researchers to develop additional modes of action for insect, nematode and disease control in its core crops and vegetables.

AgraQuest's CEO, Marcus Meadows-Smith said that, "We believe our research in the field of biopesticide alternatives for pest and stress management will complement Monsanto's work in helping farmers protect the yield potential of their farms by offering them better pest-control and plant health options."

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