Biotech Updates

Building a Bio-based Economy for Europe

September 16, 2010

EuropaBio launched its new policy guide "Building a Biobased Economy for Europe in 2020" to help transform Europe's economy and society. The guide outlines how biotechnology has the capacity to significantly improve economic competitiveness, provide environmental advantages and create new, high-value jobs.

"Europe is at the forefront of industrial biotechnology and the bio-based economy" commented Ian Hudson, Chair of EuropaBio's Industrial Biotech Council.  There is a need for the right policies and focus to develop and implement a clear strategy towards a more integrated and holistic approach to make Europe competitive and be the world's leading-bio based economy for 2020, he added.

Dirk Carrez, Director for Industrial Biotechnology concluded, "For the EU to harness the full potential of Industrial biotechnology we need coherent policy across many sectors. This includes climate action, energy security, renewable feedstock supply, research and innovation, agriculture, the environment and trade. This guide and its policy recommendations represent part of our contribution towards making the Bio-based Economy for Europe a reality."

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