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SEMBIOSYS Issued Key U.S. Patent for the Production of Apolipoproteins in Plants

September 3, 2010

SemBioSys Genetics Inc. has been recently granted by the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office a patent on their Methods for the Production of Apolipoproteins in Transgenic Plant. Apoliproteins are used to transport small particles of drugs in humans. The company press release said that "the patent will include the methods for the expression of the protein in plants, the introduction of related chimeric nucleic acid into plant cells and developing plant cells capable of growing into mature plants which produce seeds that express apolipoprotein."

The Company's global patent strategy in obtaining this exclusive right is to be able to make such drugs in a scalable and affordable manner. "Apo AI(Milano), the trade name of the drug has the potential to address large unmet medical needs as an acute treatment for atherosclerosis or arterial blockage caused by plaque build-up on arterial walls, which leads to stroke and heart attacks. Our plant-seed based expression system for the production of Apo, biosimilar drugs and potentially other novel pharmaceutical drug candidates is a truly disruptive technology. It facilitates economical and scalable production of Apo for commercial development, which other drug companies have found difficult and expensive to produce using traditional fermentation methods. This newly patented process makes this drug candidate far more attractive and valuable to a potential pharmaceutical partner for commercial development," said James Szarko, President and CEO of SemBioSys.

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