Biotech Updates

Field Visit to Bt Maize Fields in Egypt

August 27, 2010

Fifty scientists, maize breeders, and private company representatives, as well as 100 farmers visited Bt maize fields in Sharkia, Delta, Egypt last August 23, 2010. The event, organized by the Egypt Biotechnology Information Center, aimed to show efforts in controlling maize stemborer, a problem faced by many farmers in the country.

Prof. Magdy Massoud from the Alexandria University explained to the audience that the Bt maize variety could be planted at any time of the season as it is resistant to the maize borer. He added that the new variety increases corn yield by up to 30 percent. Farmers expressed their interest in the variety noting that they can use less pesticide and labor, and have higher yields on top of its being an environmentally friendly crop.

Additional details of the field visit can be obtained by emailing Dr. Ismail Abdel Hamid of the Egypt Biotechnology Information Center at