Biotech Updates

Egyptian Scientists and Media Discuss Challenges in Dealing with Biotech Issues

August 27, 2010

Egypt Biotechnology Information Center (EBIC) organized a workshop on "Challenges faced by media in dealing with biotechnological issues" at the Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI),  Agricultural Research Center (ARC) in Cairo on August 18. Discussions were held with eminent scientists and heads of ARC institutes and central laboratories.

This activity is in line with ARC policy to raise public awareness on agricultural technologies, particularly  biotechnology. Prof. Abuhadid, president of ARC, focused on the need for media to be engaged in continuous training and sharing of knowledge. In his opening address, Prof. AbdelMonem Elbana, vice president of ARC, said that "we are here to listen to the media and discuss with them ways to facilitate their work and face the challenges in reporting new agricultural technology."

Five journalists discussed their problems, notably scientists' use of technical jargon which they find difficult to understand. Mr. Ibrahim Elboushy, the chief editor of Eltaween Journal, explained that "Easy to understand EBIC publications facilitate our work in explaining biotechnology. We hope that this idea can be done for all new agricultural technologies." Mr. Ahmed Magdy from elAkhbar said "People should know that there is current work on agricultural research and achievements that give people hope. They can be good supporters of scientific research." Participants agreed on the need to develop strategies by which scientists and media can work best together. 

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