Biotech Updates

China Told to Develop its Own GM Food

August 27, 2010

Chinese scientists have voiced out their opinion on how to produce food for the increasing Chinese population, in response to climate change and to reduce reliance on foreign technologies. GM crops can provide solutions to various problems facing the ecosystem such as limited land and water resources, scientists say. "Making technical preparations for transgenic technology is very necessary for China," said Zhai Huqu, president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Currently China is consuming 10 million tons of soybeans and 40 million tons of soybean meal per year which are either processed for food or for animal feedstuff. China imports soybeans which are mainly genetically modified from the U.S. and Argentina since mid 1990s. This huge importation could be reduced if the government allows seed importation and planting in the country, the scientists said.

In addition, climate change which is becoming the problem of the century should be met with effective solutions. "Currently we only deal with disasters such as droughts or floods passively when they occur, which isn't a long-term solution," said Wang Ren, director of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research. 

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