Biotech Updates

USDA Grants Protection to 17 New Plant Varieties

August 27, 2010

Seventeen new varieties of seed-reproduced and tuber-propagated plants have been given certificates by the US Department of Agriculture. The 17 certificates are for:

  • the PHB2WPYJI, PHKXUJVKE, PHBNPOQBIE, PHA7NQJKE, PHKLPJKYKE, PHOUTZ, PHBAXY7QIT, PHBR6KFYVI, PHBI35LVQI, PHKRSXF, PHKU3JBKE and PHAXYAQKE varieties of sorghum, developed by Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., Plainview, Texas;
  • the RJS40002, 90Y30, 90Y70, and 91Y71 varieties of soybean, developed by Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., Johnston, Iowa; and
  • the D5824620 variety of soybean, developed by Monsanto Technology, L.L.C., St. Louis.

"A certificate of protection is awarded to an owner of a crop variety after an examination shows that it is new, distinct from other varieties, and genetically uniform and stable through successive generations," said Administrator Rayne Pegg, Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). "The public benefits as the recipient of lower prices from increased productivity, and from quality food, feed, fiber and other products, that result directly from improved plant varieties."

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