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Panel Discussion about Public Perceptions on Adoption of Agri Biotech

May 21, 2010

A panel discussion about the pubic perceptions and the impact of misperceptions regarding adoption of agricultural biotechnology was conducted by the Council for Biotechnology Information during the 2010 BIO International Convention in Chicago last May 5, 2010. The panel was composed of two journalists, a scientist, a farmer and a hunger advocate. During the discussion, food scientist Bruce Chassy, one of the panelists, tackled about the "education gap." He claimed that "better education" about the use of technologies in agriculture is needed by the public and policymakers so that they could arrive at informed and science-based decisions on biotechnology issues.

On the other hand, Seed Magazine editor Maywa Montenegro, another panelist, stressed the importance of promoting biotechnology for food security and sustainable agriculture. Ken Kamiya, a farmer from Hawaii, also shared his experience in planting papaya. He mentioned that when papaya industry was about to decline due to a destructive disease, GM papayas were introduced in their State and saved the industry. He claimed that agri biotechnology is advantageous for the economy  and the environment.

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