Crop Biotech Update

PhilRice Promotes New Rice Varieties for Adverse Environments

March 31, 2010

The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) in response to the farmers' need for more resilient rice varieties against saline, drought and flood have introduced new rice varieties to the farmers during its farmer field day. This introduction fits the farmer field day theme on Addressing Climate Change thru Rice Science.

Thelma F. Padolina, head of the PhilRice Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Division, introduced five saline-resistant varieties for irrigated lowland that include NSIC Rc182 (Salinas 1), Rc184 (Salinas 2), Rc186 (Salinas 3), Rc188 (SalinaS 4), and Rc190 (Salinas 5); NSIC Rc192 (Sahod Ulan 1) for rainfed lowland drought-prone areas; and NSIC Rc194 (Submarino 1) for submergence-prone areas. Some of these varieties were developed using molecular-breeding in partnership with the International Rice Research Institute.

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