Crop Biotech Update

Biosafety South Africa to be Launched

March 31, 2010

South Africa's Department of Science and Technology (DST) through the PlantBio Trust, will launch Biosafety South Africa to support biotechnology innovation by ensuring the development of safe and sustainable biotechnological products.

"The field of biological diversity, which is essentially the focus of biosafety, is a wide and complex one and touches on issues as diverse as international law, trans-boundary agreements, the Antarctic Treaty System, hazardous wastes, international justice, persistent organic pollutants and atomic energy, to name a few. In this respect we have both a national and an international responsibility, and its comforting to know that we now have in place a body and a mechanism with which to face up to these responsibilities. More than that, we have a vehicle by means of which creative and inventive scientific minds can actually bring innovative products and techniques safely and productively to the marketplace," Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Derek Hanekom said.

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