Biotech Updates

BIO Welcomes EU Decision on Biotech Crops

March 5, 2010

The pronouncement of the EU Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli on the authorization of the cultivation of a biotech potato, as well as the commercialization of three biotech maize for food and feed uses and import and processing was met with enthusiasm by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). In response, Sharon Bomer Lauritsen, BIO Executive Vice President for Food and Agriculture said "This represents an encouraging first step towards remedying an impasse that has put EU farmers at a disadvantage in the competitive marketplace. Currently 14 million farmers around the world choose to grow biotech varieties because these crops are more environmentally friendly, yield more per acre, resist diseases and insect pests and reduce farmers' costs. "

She added that there are still other 17 products awaiting EU approvals for cultivation and 44 biotech products awaiting authorization for food, feed as well as for import and processing in the EU. Expediting the approval process of these products in the EU will allow significant benefits to EU's agriculture.

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