Biotech Updates

European Commission Approves Amflora Starch Potato

March 5, 2010

The European Commission approved the commercialization of BASF's Amflora potato for commercial application in Europe – a long -running decision process since 2003. Amflora potato produces pure amylopectin starch that will be used in paper, textile and adhesive industries. The technology will facilitate the production of the starch which is uneconomically isolated from conventional potato that produces a mixture of amylopectin and amylose. This will also be beneficial to industries because the Amflora starch gives paper a higher gloss, and concrete and adhesives can be processed for a shorter period of time.

The European Food Safety Authority also confirmed on several occasions during the approval process that Amflora is safe for humans, animals and the environment. "The way is now clear for commercial cultivation of Amflora this year," said Peter Eckes, President of BASF Plant Science. "Amflora will strengthen the international position of the European potato starch industry."

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