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FAO Calls for Strengthened Global System for World Food Security

June 18, 2009

"We have to build a more coherent and effective system of governance for world food security; we have to correct the policies and international trade system that have resulted in more hunger and poverty." Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director-General Jacques Diouf made this call at the opening session of the World Grain Forum in St Petersburg, the Russian Federation. Addressing agriculture ministers and officials from more than 50 countries, Diouf also recommended increased development aid for agriculture so that developing countries can increase their agricultural output and have access to modern inputs.

The FAO head noted that the financial and economic crisis could add some 100 million more persons to those suffering from chronic hunger. One billion people, 15 percent of the global population, already do not have enough to eat. In the last month alone 31 countries required emergency assistance with 20 of these in Africa, nine in Asia and the Near East and two in Central America and the Caribbean.

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