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Review Discusses Application of DNA Methylation in Poultry

November 15, 2023

Chinese researchers reviewed the different studies and applications of DNA methylation in poultry animals. They also identified challenges and suggested solutions on how to improve research on poultry DNA methylation.

DNA methylation is a part of various biological processes, such as cell differentiation, embryonic development, sex chromosome inactivation, and genomic imprinting. To understand its role in poultry, researchers from different institutions in China analyzed the existing research and uses of DNA methylation in chickens, ducks, and geese.

The findings showed that DNA methylation is involved in the growth, nutrition, development, and environment of poultry. DNA methylation also regulates gene expression, which affects the development and differentiation of cells. DNA methylation was also used as animal growth trait markers and biomarkers to recognize and diagnose diseases.

Read the article on the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology for more information.

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