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ISAAA and DA Biotech Release New Resources on Biotech in the Philippines

June 29, 2023

New resources on biotechnology in the Philippines are now available on the ISAAA website. These informational materials are developed to raise awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the country's biotech products derived from conventional and modern biotechnology. Creating information, education, and communication materials is part of the ISAAA Inc. project called Pinoy Biotek, in partnership with Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries Biotechnology Program.

One of the new releases is the Biotech Crop Annual Updates for Eggplant, a one-page document highlighting the latest developments on Bt eggplant. An article on mudfish spawning was also released to inform Filipino fish farmers of a local technology they can use to produce high-quality, pure spawn during the off-season. The method is expected to help Filipino farmers reduce their dependence on wild stocks while helping achieve national food security.

Aside from the downloadable materials, the Pinoy Biotech social media campaign was also launched on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness and foster appreciation for biotech products in the Philippines and the researchers behind them.

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