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Gene Editing Provides Promise to Grain and Oilseed Supply Chain

May 10, 2023

Gene editing technology has placed the seed industry in an optimal position while transitioning in production practices, according to the Rabobank's report on gene editing and grain and oilseed supply chain.

The current grain and oilseed market demands less inputs for agricultural production, while the need for more food is challenged with fewer options for land expansion. Gene editing provides options to address these concerns. By applying direct modifications to a plant's genetics, gene editing can help design crops that meet the needs in reduced time compared to traditional breeding methods. Furthermore, there are countries that have exempted gene-edited crops from strict regulatory processes applied for genetically modified crops.

Gene editing provides an opportunity to have a more stable supply of food, especially for wheat, barley and other crops that are considered too controversial for GM technology applications. Thus, there are high expectations for gene-edited products to facilitate this transition and so are the investment opportunities.

Read the report from RaboResearch (requires login).

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