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Over a Quarter of a Billion Faced Severe Hunger in 2022 - Report

May 10, 2023

About 259 million people in 58 countries and territories experienced acute food insecurity in 2022, up from 193 million individuals from 53 countries in 2021. These figures are according to the Global Report on Food Crises released by the Food Security Information Network.

“More than a quarter of a billion people are now facing acute levels of hunger, and some are on the brink of starvation. That's unconscionable,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres wrote in the report's foreword.

The report's 2022 findings provide the highest count of people experiencing hunger for the last seven years. Economic shocks due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine were found to be the main drivers of food crises, especially in the world's poorest areas because of their high dependence on imported food and agricultural products which are vulnerable to global food price impacts. Aside from economic shocks and conflicts, weather/climate extremes such as drought, flooding, tropical storms, and cyclones, also contributed to the food crises.

“This crisis demands fundamental, systemic change. This report makes clear that progress is possible. We have the data and know-how to build a more resilient, inclusive, sustainable world where hunger has no home — including through stronger food systems, and massive investments in food security and improved nutrition for all people, no matter where they live,” the UN Secretary-General added.

Find out more from FAO News and Media or download the report from FSIN.

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