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Farmer Leads Japan Biotech Crop Network to Promote GM Crops

April 26, 2023

Mr. Shuichi Tokumoto, the founder and leader of Japan Biotech Crop Network. Photo from Mr. Tokumoto's Facebook page.

For the first time, a farmer in Japan has founded a network that is focused on the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops in the country. Mr. Shuichi Tokumoto, an exemplary farmer, solely founded the Japan Biotech Crop Network (JBCN).

Mr. Tokumoto wants to practice sustainable agriculture in Japan and partner with professional local and international farmers, as well as other stakeholders, including researchers, journalists, manufacturers, and retailers, to bring together their knowledge and promote exchanges on the latest in agriculture such as biotechnology and no-tillage farming, and also discuss proposals for policies. He organized the JBCN with the goal of cultivating and distributing biotechnology crops (GM crops, genome-edited crops, etc.) in Japan to contribute to the stable supply of food and feed in the country.

The network aims to serve as a platform for practical discussions about land-based agriculture in Japan and other countries and hopes to promote the commercial planting of biotech/GM crops in Japan.

More details about JBCN are available on their website.

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