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ISAAA Inc. to Equip Filipinos with Information on Homegrown Biotech Products

April 26, 2023

With the goal of raising awareness, understanding, and acceptance of biotech products in the Philippines, ISAAA Inc. has been granted to commence the project titled Pinoy Biotek na Tayo (We are for Filipino Biotech). The project is funded by the Department of Agriculture's Biotech Program, known as the Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries Biotechnology Program, together with the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR).

Following the well-received implementation of Pinoy Biotech webinar series, ISAAA Inc. will conduct a hybrid seminar series to inform the public about the latest developments in modern and traditional products of biotechnology in the country. ISAAA Global Knowledge Center on Biotechnology will also produce a bimonthly magazine to feature biotech products in the pipeline such as Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP)-detection method for rice viruses, BioMeg microbial inoculant for sweet potato and purple yam, induced spawning for mudfish, and Low-cost Portable Molecular Diagnostic Platform for Rapid Detection of Select Poultry Pathogens (LMDP).

“ISAAA has been instrumental in raising awareness and understanding of biotech corn, the first genetically engineered crop approved in the Philippines and Asia. We are excited to help Filipinos to be equipped with information on biotechnology and assist them make informed decisions on their adoption and use. Pinoy Biotech na Tayo will be instrumental in this cause. We are grateful for DA-Biotech and DA-BAR for the opportunity to take part in this cause,” says Dr. Rhodora Romero-Aldemita, ISAAA Inc. Executive Director and Project Leader of Pinoy Biotek na Tayo.

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