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Japan's Food Safety and Security Expert Says GM and Genome-Edited Crops Safer than Conventional Varieties

February 16, 2022

A food safety and security expert in Japan has recently written about genome editing and genetically modified (GM) crops in an effort to explain risk communication. Takeshi Yamazaki, chairman of the NPO Society for the Science of Food Safety and Security (SFSS) said that GM and genome-edited crops are safer than wild or conventional varieties.

The expert said that comparing GM and genome-editing crops with "natural" seems safe at first glance, but it is rather the opposite for food safety experts. GM or genome-edited crops are safer than conventional or wild varieties, with significantly improved taste and yield. He also said that it is an undeniable fact that current agricultural products that people think are conventionally bred have genes that have been modified through conventional breeding.

Read more in this article (original in Japanese).

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