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Researchers Develop an Optimized CRISPR tool for Tobacco

November 16, 2022

Plant Science reports a highly efficient transgene-free genome editing in tobacco using an optimized CRISPR-Cas9 system, pOREU3TR.

The emergence of CRISPR tools has revolutionized plant science and continues to bring an enormous potential for crop improvement. Researchers from the Technology Center of China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co. Ltd. explored using CRISPR-Cas9 to edit the NtPDS gene in tobacco. They developed a new system called pOREU3TR, which uses the OsU3-tRNA promoter combination instead of AtU6 and by fusing an AtUb10-Ros1 expression cassette to the T-DNA to monitor the transgene events.

The technique led to 49 transgene-free and homozygous gene-edited green plants effectively screened in the T1 generation. Results showed that the plant height and the contents of most free amino acids in the T2 mutant plants were significantly different from those in the leaves of wild-type plants, which indicates the improved efficiency of the system.

Read the research article in Plant Science.

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