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2Blades and Corteva Agriscience Develop Durable Resistance for Asian Soybean Rust

July 27, 2022

The collaboration between 2Blades Foundation and Corteva Agriscience has produced a transgenic trait for Asian Soybean Rust (ASR) resistance, with successful field trials of Latin American soybean varieties containing the new ASR transgene.

Due to mild winter conditions, soybeans in Latin America are particularly vulnerable to ASR, a fungal disease that can cause 10-80% yield loss in countries where it is established, carrying significant risk for farmers and agricultural systems. The transgenic trait developed by 2Blades and Corteva will provide an additional disease management tool for farmers in the region, increasing disease resistance durability and options for integrated disease management strategies.

While scientific advancements have led to some improvements in soybean rust control in countries such as Brazil, durable genetic resistance is an important tool for farmers to mitigate the risk of the disease. “Soybean rust is a key challenge for growers and needs to be combatted with an integrated strategy,” said Dr. Peter van Esse, Vice President and Group Leader at 2Blades. He added that genetic resistance against ASR will help give growers a powerful tool to manage the disease in a more effective and sustainable way.

For more details, read the news release from the 2Blades Foundation website.

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