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Study Finds Gene Liked to Photosynthetic Inhibition and Oxidative Damage Under Salt Stress

June 29, 2022

Researchers from Northeast Forestry University and partners reported a gene that can positively control photosynthetic inhibition and oxidative damage in Arabidopsis under saline conditions. Their findings are published in Frontiers in Plant Science.

The research team overexpressed MYB37, a R2R3 MYB subgroup 14 transcription factor in Arabidopsis, which confers hyposensitivity to salt. This led to lessened salt stress symptoms of Arabidopsis under salt stress. MYB37 also reduced the degradation of chlorophyll, particularly the decrease of chlorophyll in Arabidopsis under salt stress.

The findings indicate that MYB37 could lessen the degradation of Arabidopsis proteins under salt stress, promote plant growth, and enhance salt tolerance.

Read more findings in Frontiers in Plant Science.

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