Biotech Updates

Report Highlights Biotech Updates and New Technologies in Brazil

December 15, 2021

The USDA FAS Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) released 2021 updates on the status of agricultural biotechnology in Brazil.

According to the report, Brazil remains to be the second largest producer of biotech crops globally, with 115 approved events. The total area planted to GM crops was estimated to be over 56 million hectares for the crop year of 2020/2021. GM soybean adoption reached 98%, 88% for corn, and 80% for cotton. Government data showed that the average yields for grains and oilseeds increased by 70% for the past 15 years and biotech seeds were one of the major contributors to this valuable growth.

Aside from updates on GM crops, the report also provides updates on gene editing, GE animal technology, and microbial biotechnology.

Download the report for more details.

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