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Ukraine Government Supports Two Draft Laws on GMO Regulation

September 1, 2021

The government of Ukraine has supported two draft laws in the field of genetically modified organisms (GMO) regulation which will be put on a vote in the parliament. The first draft law is aimed at regulating state control over the use of GMOs and the circulation of GM products. The second draft law will provide for the increased liability for violations in the field of GMO management.

Support to these draft laws, their adoption, and further implementation will help create transparent rules for doing business on GMOs and strengthen state control. It is expected to define clear procedures and mechanisms for handling GMOs, and requirements for GM product labeling to avoid misleading consumers. It is also proposed to strengthen the responsibility and increase the size of fines to prevent violations in this field, according to Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Iryna Novikova.

Among the innovations of the draft law on state regulation in the field of GMOs are:

  • Division of powers of public authorities in order to eliminate duplication of functions in the field of GMO management;
  • Improving the system for assessing the risks of GMOs in terms of possible effects on human health and the environment;
  • European mechanisms of state registration of GMOs;
  • Improvement of the requirements for labeling of GM products and introduce rules on its traceability;
  • Strengthened state control in the field of GMO management, as well as established liability for violations of legislation in this area.

The objective of the new draft law, "On state regulation of genetic engineering and state control over the circulation of genetically modified organisms and genetically modified products to ensure food security" is food security and stability in Ukraine. The new legislation is expected to come into effect 3 years after adoption.

For more details, read the article in the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of The Netherlands.

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