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PopSci Hails Impossible Burger 2.0 as Most Important Engineering Innovation in 2019

December 4, 2019

Photo Source: Impossible Foods

Impossible Burger 2.0 by Impossible Foods, described as "a rare revolution of fake meat" is the grand winner of the Most Important Engineering Innovation in 2019 announced by Popular Science.

The winning component of Impossible Burger is the heme, which is produced by genetically engineered yeast. Heme is an iron-contaning bit of hemoglobin giving the vegetable-based burger a meaty flavor. The 2.0 version, available in some grocery stores and fast-food chains, is composed of soybean and potato protein (no more wheat, thus it is gluten-free) for the texture, with coconut and sunflower oils to copy the fattiness of beef. Aside from the beef-like taste, Impossible Burger is as nutritious as a real burger, having the same amounts of iron and protein. This burger could be what it takes to make meat-loving individuals take on a more sustainable diet.

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