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GM Soybean with Cry8-like Gene Exhibit Resistance to Insect Pest

October 23, 2019

Scientists from Jilin Agricultural University, China and University of Camerino, Italy, tested if cry8-like from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) can be introduced to soybeans to confer resistance to dark black chafer (Holotrichia parallela), a destructive pest of soybeans. The results are published in BMC Biotechnology.

Analysis showed that cry8-like was most highly expressed in soybean leaves. The transgenic lines and non-transgenic plants were fed to dark black chafer. Under pest feeding stress, the survival rates of non-transgenic plants were 92 percent lower than the transgenic plants. The mortality rate of the pest increased when the larvae were fed with roots of the transgenic soybean plants. The surviving larvae manifested deformities and inhibited growth.

The results suggest that transgenic soybean plants expressing the cry8-like genes are more resistant to the pest, indicating that cry8-like gene may be a potential tool in developing soybean plants with better pest resistance.

Read the research article in BMC Biotechnology.

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