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OsNramp5 Mutation Affects Cd Accumulation and Agronomic Traits in Rice

August 14, 2019

OsNramp5 is an important gene in the regulation of Cadmium (Cd), Manganese (Mn), and other metal icons by rice root cells. When this gene is impaired, it can reduce the buildup of Cd in rice grains, but the effect on yield and quality is yet to be discovered. Thus, researchers from Hunan Agricultural University and partners developed three OsNramp5 rice mutants with low cadmium content using the CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

Mutation analysis revealed that the mutants expressed defective OsNramp5 protein sequences. Metal content and agronomic traits analyses showed that Cd was reduced and the rice yield and quality were also affected. Furthermore, it was also found that with the decrease of OsNramp5 mutation degree, its effects on chlorenchyma Mn accumulation, yield and quality were also decreased. Increase in Mn concentration in the soil restored the yield and quality traits.

The results of the study provide new insights on new materials for developing rice varieties with low Cd concentrations and premium agronomic qualities when exposed to high Cd environment.

Read the research article in Frontiers in Plant Science.

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