Biotech Updates

Curriculum Reforms in Uganda Integrate Modern Biosciences

July 10, 2019

Representatives of Top Publishing Houses in Uganda check out a biodiesel generator after their curriculum content development meeting with scientists at NaCRRI

Years of relentless efforts led by Uganda Biosciences Information Center (UBIC) to integrate modern biosciences into Uganda's middle/secondary schools' curriculum were finally rewarded. Uganda's Ministry of Education and Sports endorsed a new curriculum for agriculture course unit that requires students to be trained on modern biosciences including modern biotechnology applications.

UBIC team has been working closely with the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) and the Ministry of Education in the said effort. On July 3, 2019, UBIC organized an engagement with top publishers of scholarly materials in Uganda to expose them to the on-going agricultural research efforts applying some of the modern biotechnology applications. Publishers were impressed to see that young Ugandan scientists had the competence to apply some of the cutting-edge technologies including genome editing. This engagement provided an opportunity for publishers to identify some scientists with whom they can work together to ensure that the scholarly materials' content is relevant, practical, futuristic, and with domestic visuals.

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