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Scientists Investigate Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Black Goji Berry

May 2, 2019

Black goji berry (Lycium ruthenicum) is an important economic plant in China which is high in anthocyanin. However, the genetic mechanism of anthocyanin production in this plant is yet to be revealed. Thus, scientists from Qinghai Province Key Laboratory of Crop Molecular Breeding in China conducted a study to elucidate the anthocyanin biosynthesis in black goji berry.

Previous studies have isolated LrAN2 and LbAN2, encoding MYB transcription factors, from black goji berry and red goji berry, respectively. Phylogenetic trees also show that LrAN2 and LbAN2 are closely related to NtAN2, which governs anthocyanin biosynthesis in tobacco. Thus, the researchers overexpressed LrAN2 and LbAN2 in tobacco which exhibited increase in anthocyanin levels. There was less anthocyanin in leaves of transgenic lines with LbAN2 than in transgenic lines with LrAN2, indicating that LbAN2 has weaker function than LrAN2.

For more information about the results, read the research article in BMC Plant Biology.